The Medicine Buddha

by Thea Cowsky

Medicine Buddha MantraThe Buddha of Healing is the Medicine Buddha. He is the manifestation of the healing energy of all the Buddhas. His name in Sanskrit means “Master of Medicine and King of Lapis Lazuli Light”. The healing of the Medicine Buddha can be physical or emotional. And the ultimate, final healing is the spiritual healing that arises from his teachings.

The Medicine Buddha is often blue in color, and he sits surrounded by a halo of radiant blue light. His right hand rests palm forward over his right knee in the mudra of supreme giving, holding the stem of the arura or Myrobalan plant, an ancient healing plant. The combination of the hand mudra and the arura plant represent the giving the great medicine able to eliminate all illness.

 Medicine Buddha Altar Statue

Shakya Design Medicine Buddha Altar Statue

His left hand is in his lap in the mudra of meditation, and holds a lapis lazuli bowl of healing nectar, which symbolizes holding or possessing spiritual healing.

Repeating or concentrating on the name of the Medicine Buddha, Bhaisajaguru, or on the Medicine Buddha Mantra, is believed to have the power to free one from negative emotions and afflictions. Requests made to the Medicine Buddha, either for oneself or for others, can be for healing of all types, both physical and emotional and also for the ultimate healing that comes from spiritual realization that permanently eliminates suffering.

Read the mantra associated with the Medicine Buddha.

Contributing author David Cowsky


Mantra of the Medicine Buddha

by Thea Cowsky
Medicine Buddha MantraMedicine Buddha Mantra Tibetan

{ Meaning: (May the) HEALING, [deeper] HEALING, and GREAT [ultimate] HEALING OF THE KING OF HEALERS [and profound path] MANIFEST [within me] LET IT BE SO!}

Sanskrit Pronunciation

Tad-ya-ta: Om Bhai-sha-jye Bhai-sha-jye Maha Bhai-sha-jye Ra-ja Sa-mud-ga-te Sva-ha

Tibetan Pronunciation
Tad-ya-ta: Om Be-kan-dze Be-kan-dze Ma-ha Be-kan-dze
Ra-dza Sa-mung-ga-te So-ha

Bhaisajya Guru in Sanskrit, Menla Buddha in Tibetan, is the Buddha of healing. He is the manifestation of all the healing energies of all the enlightened beings. He is called the supreme physician and his medicine is the Dharma, which leads us to the cessation of suffering, thus healing on all levels.

His body is azure blue. His right hand is in the mudra of supreme giving and holds a myrobalan plant (arura) a healing plant. His left hand is in the mudra of meditation and holds a lapis lazuli bowl of healing nectar. Thus lapis lazuli is considered a healing stone.

Reciting the Medicine Buddha mantra has the capability to heal the mind as well as the body. Mantra can gently open and transform emotional states, helping us to deal with any situation more clearly and directly. Medicine Buddha mantra meditation promotes a peaceful heart and mind. Thus, as positive and joyous feelings pass through each organ and circulate through our whole system, our physical and chemical energies are transformed and balanced, supporting deeper and deeper healing.

Recitation of the Medicine Buddha mantra is considered a powerful meditation practice for healing on all levels.

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Contributing author Kate Cowsky