Quan Yin and Chenrezig

by Thea Cowsky
Quan Yin and Chenrezig

The manifestation of compassion in Buddhism is Quan Yin (also Kwan Yin) in Chinese, Chenrezig in Tibetan,  Avalokiteshwara in Sanskrit, and Kanzeon in Japanese.

Quan Yin, or Chenrezig, or Avalokiteshwara are more than love.  They represent  caring. A deep caring for others.  Buddhism believes that suffering is inherent in Samsara. So compassion for others’ suffering is the counter and natural spiritual reaction to this.

While Buddhists believe compassion exists externally, the spirit of compassion—the mind of Chenrezig or Quan Yin—is something they nurture within themselves towards all beings.
Crystal Counter Mala
A crystal mala is associated with Quan Yin or Chenrezig. The mantra of Chenrezig or Quan Yin is OM MANI PADME HUM, sometimes rendered in Tibetan as OM MANI PEMI HUNG. Meaning, “Hail to the Jewel in The Lotus.”

Contributing author: David Cowsky


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