Deepening the Experience with Mantra

by Thea Cowsky

MeditationAs one is first learning to use mantra, the intellect is most active. As one begins to understand the practice, it is important to make a transition to ‘experiential learning’ by starting a daily mantra meditation practice. It is in the actual ‘doing’ of mantra that the deeper learning reveals itself.

By doing the mantra meditation, our spiritual aspirations are nurtured and we begin to purify mind and body allowing for the deepening of our spiritual awareness.

As one reads about, listens to, and practices mantra meditation, the essence of mantra practice becomes clearer.  The universality of the use of mala and mantra is both reassuring and awe-inspiring.  The deepening of spiritual awareness happens naturally as one practices with open-hearted mindfulness. Regardless of the particular doctrine and beliefs supporting mantra recitation throughout the world, this deepening can happen.

The book “Beads of Faith” gives a brief overview of the use of mala and mantra in several Beads of Faith bookdifferent religious traditions throughout the world, and has lots of nice pictures. There are also several books written on mantra from the perspective of various spiritual traditions as well as CDs that can support your exploration of mantra practice.

Tara Mantra

.More information on mantras.

Contributing author Kate Cowsky


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