The Bracelet Mala

by Thea Cowsky

Bracelet Mala with Om

Black Onyx Bracelet Mala with “OM” Charm

Bracelet malas are a smaller version of full length 108 bead malas and are suitable to be worn in a variety of everyday settings without calling attention to itself.

Bracelet malas have a Chinese knot that allows them to be opened and closed for easy on and off. A bracelet mala can be used to repeat a mantra or prayer throughout the day. Wearing a bracelet mala is also a wonderful way to remind us of our spiritual intentions as we go about our busy lives.

A bracelet mala can have from 15-27 beads, and can be made in rosewood, bodhi seed, rudraksha or sandalwood. Gemstones such as jade, lapis lazuli, amethyst, black onyx, coral, garnet or amber make lovely bracelet malas that can be personally meaningful.

Many people find that a bracelet mala can become more personal and meaningful with the addition of a charm or pendant such as a small lotus, or Buddha hand, OM pendant,  Dharma wheel, or other symbol.

View all Shakya Design bracelet malas.

Contributing Author: David Cowsky


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